Monday , 15 July 2024

Tips To Master The Art Of Gift-Giving

gift giving

Many of us know someone who appears to effortlessly manage Xmas gift giving for their friends and family, with presents that carry the meaning they wish to convey. Doing this is not as difficult as it might at first appear, it just requires a little perception and creativity. Here we’ll share with you some tips on gift giving so that you’ll be confident you can become one of the best gift givers.

Give by paying attention

The first of our tips on gift giving is to pay attention to what your friends and loved ones say and what their interests are. By listening you can pick up hints about what they like and dislike. Is there something they have mentioned that they would like for themselves? Do they have a classic or bohemian style when it comes to jewellery, clothing or home décor? If you notice there is something they do not currently have that would improve their circumstances, this is the best gift given to them. If someone has just moved home, a good present may be a piece of well-chosen décor.

Give by personality

You don’t want to be gifting a trip to the Insectarium for someone with arachnophobia, neither is a dietary cook book a good idea for a pregnant woman, but matching the gift to their personality shows that you have taken care with your Xmas gift giving and haven’t just rushed into the nearest shop to buy just something, which has no personal touch. A leather bag or passport holder would suit someone who travels a lot, whilst the friend who loves to entertain may appreciate new glassware.

Give for good luck

On occasions that are turning points in people’s lives, your gift may be symbolic of wishing them good luck. Check out the myths and legends that surround the good luck gifts to be given for those who have recently or are planing to move house or get married. Get creative and do some research. There may be precious stones or unusually specific items that will make your Xmas gift giving extra special. For example, in Irish tradition, placing a horseshoe upright over a door or in a room keeps the ‘luck of the house’ intact, so a porcelain horseshoe is the best gift given to those moving house.
White matched rose and jewelry set

Give for a good cause

For the man or woman who has everything, or for whom you are particularly stuck for finding a gift, a donation in their name to a cause or charity dear to them is a touching gift. Write a note to explain why you have chosen the particular charity to show the care you’ve given to your choice.

Give by niche interest or hobbypoker-cards

Other tips on gift giving include knowing the recipient’s hobbies. If they are a gardener see if there are any tools they want replacing, plants they wish for or something else connected to their green-fingered skills. If they have a particular interest in a sport, tickets to see their team or a new kit bag are just two ideas. Xmas gift giving doesn’t have to be all practical, it can be fun too. The high-roller rooms in Vegas play poker with gold cards. A playable deck of poker cards dipped in 24-karat gold retaining their tournament grade standards and presented in a high quality case is a gift that is sure to impress not just your recipient but his poker pals too.

Give your time

The best gift given at Christmas may not be anything material. Offer your time to mind the children or walk the dog to give your friend some free time to themselves. If you have particular skills share them. If you can fix a leaking tap, put up a shelf, set up gadgets or give a good shoulder massage, the best gift given will be your expertise.

Give an adventure

Adventures also make great non-material gifts, especially if your loved one likes to get out. An adventurous gift can include something like a sky-diving experience, to a cookery class the two of you take together, or a membership to a local museum or state park. Your decision all depends on your recipient and what their interests are.

Give creatively

Use your time, energy, and creativity to gift a do-it-yourself present. Unique gifts that you make yourself are especially meaningful. The ideas are endless and if you’re stuck, Pinterest is a good source of ideas. Coupon books, handwritten letters or poems, handmade baked goods or clothing are just some suggestions. The last of our tips on gift giving is a suggestion that you be totally sure the present is suitable for the recipient, for example your teetotal aunt won’t need a wine-rack, even if looks very good.