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Hoping for a bit More Than a Peck on the Cheek this Coming Xmas? Tips on Finding Romantic Xmas Gifts for Her

romantic giftsIf you’re hoping for a little bit more than a peck on the cheek under the mistletoe this coming Christmas, you’re going to have to pull the stops out. Your task will be find romantic Christmas gifts for her. But don’t think that it’ll be easy. Understandably you might be getting a bit stressed about it, but you really shouldn’t. We’re here to help with our useful guide.

Looking for Romantic Christmas Gifts for Her This Year? – Here’s a Few Tips and Hints

Don’t be afraid to take notes – that’s what the app is for on your phone isn’t it? You can even take photos, to look back over later, as well as note prices, locations and helpful ideas. When you’re out shopping with your lady, take note of the things that she says. She’ll probably be very subtle in her hinting, but you might need to read between the lines so to speak. Before you know it you’ll have a long list of options to choose from.

Make your gift personal – you might have picked it out from a store, but adding some personalisation will lift any gift to magical status. Take for example a bottle of wine. Just buying one she likes off the shelf will probably be ok as a gift, but add her name and possibly the date you met to the label, and the gift takes on a whole new meaning.

Get some help – don’t be afraid or embarrassed about getting some help from friends, family, or co-workers. And have you ever heard of a wedding planner? Surely you’ve seen the movie starring Jennifer Lopez? Well you might be surprised that there is such a thing as a romance planner too. You might have to be prepared to share some intimate secrets regarding your relationship, but they’ll be very helpful and can even go to the shops with you.

Create a love hamper for your special lady – if you’re struggling to come up with one specific gift then a hamper might be the answer you’re looking for. And a gift hamper can be specially tailored for the lady in question. Say for example she’s always wanted to tour the Highlands of Scotland. Your gift hamper could include food and drinks that are unique to Scotland, a bunch of sweet smelling heather, a kilt, and tickets that will get her there for a holiday.

Finding romantic Christmas gifts for her is a challenge, which we’re pretty sure you’re up for. After all she means so much to you, that you want to do all you can to make each and every Xmas special.

What are the Best Romantic Xmas Gifts for Her?romantic gifts couple

What makes a Christmas gift romantic? Not all women are the same, but let’s give you a few hints as to what you could buy.

Know what she likes – if you’ve been together long enough you should have a fair of idea of the kind of things she finds romantic, and of her needs. Find a gift that fulfills those needs and you’ll be onto a winner. Let’s give you an example. If she often comments on feeling cold, buy her a soft, chunky jumper, a pair of wooly socks or some warm slippers. She’ll be impressed that you were listening for certain. And every time she wears them she’ll be reminded of you. But be careful because what might be the perfect gift for one lady, will the harbinger of doom for another.

How long will your gift last? – ladies love it if their present is going to last. Not fade away or be used in a couple of days. Flowers, for example, rarely last as long as a week. A gold-dipped rose on the other hand, from the Eternity Rose, will last her lifetime and far beyond. Flowers are a much better option to bring home for her once a week.

Just because it was expensive doesn’t mean it’s romantic – some of the most romantic Christmas gifts for her will cost you nothing at all. When it comes to giving gifts to your special lady it’s not a big price tag or grand gesture that she’ll be looking for. Au contraire. The thought behind the gift is the most important quality. So find yourself a gift that comes from your heart rather than your wallet.

White matched rose and jewelry set

It’s the thought that counts! – we’ve already said it, but felt that it needed stressing, underlining and adding an exclamation mark. And your gift doesn’t have to be something she can hold, unless it’s you of course. Because many women would love the opportunity to spend more time with their man. So see if you can come up with some creative ideas on how you can spend more time together. It doesn’t have to cost loads of money either. Moonlit walks, picnics, some quiet time together just enjoying a cuddle. Because we’ll all agree that modern life and commitments so get in the way of romance.

One last thought on the subject. Don’t just save the romance for high days and holidays. You should show how much you love her everyday of the year. You’ll be pleased to know that your efforts won’t be wasted. She’ll likely remember those everyday moments together more than romantic xmas gifts you bought for her.