Tuesday , 28 May 2024

Great Ways to Present a Special Gift

Congratulations, you have chosen the absolutely perfect gift. You have found the best noise-cancelling headphones, a piece of luxury jewellery or some other item that you know will come as a great surprise to your special someone. Jewellery may already come in a beautiful velvet pouch with gold ribbon and gadgets are already boxed or be enclosed in a little box, but to simply present gifts is giving away an opportunity you have to create a bit of a fanfare around the occasion.

An ostentatious Big Reveal is not necessary to present gifts, but neither does it take much extra effort to ensure your perfect gift is accepted with surprise. The planned surprise will offer your loved one is a great story to tell every time they show off the gift they’ve received. Here are some suggestions you may want to consider.

The presentation as an event

A dinner reservation at their favourite restaurant, or at home where you’ve cooked their favourite dishes, eaten by candlelight, with soft music is one occasion where you can present gifts over dessert. A surprise party could work, particularly if distant friends can join you

Don’t present gifts yourself

This doesn’t mean that you miss out, but rather that you crank up the element of surprise. The person you’re buying for will likely be expecting a gift from you. Adding a little confusion will add to the surprise. Find someone who you know the recipient would never expect a gift from. This could be a young child, if it’s small box it could be attached to the collar of an obedient pet, or you could ask a neighbour to pretend he got your postal delivery by mistake. They can just say “This is for you” and as the gift is opened the surprise on seeing the item will blow them away, particularly if you add a little note to let them know how much you admire and respect them.

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Fake it to make it

If you have a history of choosing less than perfect gifts, you can turn this into a bit of fun. The aim is to guide the recipients thinking along the route that you’ve chosen another disappointing present. The aim is to turn that disappointment to absolute joy when the true gift is found. Be prepared for outrage if you’re been a less-than-successful gift-giver in the past!

Start with some utilitarian empty boxes that previously held things like cleaning products and office stationery to create a negative reaction. You may have to gently prompt the person to keep digging in the boxes to find the best gift, but once you do, the surprise will be all the more sweeter.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt requires a bit more planning in which you present gifts via a set of clues to the final location. You can either leave them alone with the clues and be at the final location with the perfect gift, or you can follow the trail with them and come across the gift together. This could be a crazy adventure across the neighbourhood, including friends, or just a few clues all over the house. Clues can be tied to something about the person and your relationship or just be a fun challenge. The final clue locating the actual gift should be the most difficult one of all.

Surprise Discovery

This is another idea where you do not have to be there to present gifts. If the person you are buying for has a regular routine, you can add to the surprise by allowing them to just stumble upon the gift, instead of giving it directly. Wrapped or unwrapped, place the gift somewhere unusual, where you know they go daily. This could be as inside a cereal box or briefcase or perhaps inside a shoe or on the car dashboard. The strangeness of finding the gift will add to the surprise. A word of warning: if you’re going to hide something in the bathroom, make sure it cannot slip down the drain or isn’t too well hidden.

Your Special Place

In every relationship there are places that have personal meaning to a couple. Plan an event or experience with no mention of presents or special occasions so that when the moment arrives to share the gift, the surprise element will be at its highest. This could be a picnic in the local park where you shared your first kiss, the perfect place for you to give your perfect gift. Alternatively, you could go to an event together, to watch their favourite team or band, or visit a place that you’ve both wanted to see. Wherever you go, make sure the gift is in a secure and safe place until the time is right.