Tuesday , 28 May 2024

Luxury Jewellery as a Gift at Xmas: A Buying Guide

luxury_giftMake the Xmas holidays even more special with a piece of luxury jewellery for your loved one. Consider what a piece of luxury jewellery will mean to the woman you’re buying for. What jewellery does she like? If you’re never seen her wear a bracelet, it’s unlikely she’s going to start wearing one now. Does she like a classic style or something more ornate? If you’re unsure, her jewellery box will give you some clues as to whether she generally likes antique, vintage or modern jewellery.

If you know her favourite colours (and the ones she detests, so you don’t buy those!) or if you use symbolism that is meaningful to you both then you are half-way to choosing the best Christmas gift. For example, the rose is the ultimate symbol of romantic love, signalling not only admiration, but also passion.

Another of our jewellery gift ideas is to choose an item created in the year she was born, or the year you got married or some other significant date in her life. If she has a geographical link to one of the well-known jewellery-making regions that can also narrow your search. Hallmarks are a guarantee of quality and a fascinating part of jewellery history for hundreds of years.

Here are some suggestions to help you choose the style of jewellery gift that will thrill any woman who receives such a gift.


Simple diamond stud earrings will suit every women’s style. These are available at many price points so that your decision is based on the carat weight of the diamond and the quality of its setting. Simple diamond studs can be worn at home and at work and are gift that virtually any woman with pierced ears would be delighted to receive. For extra peace of mind most diamond jewellery comes with a certificate of guarantee.

Hoops are another popular style that can be worn daily, yet also be dressed up depending on her outfit. If your lady likes more elaborate jewellery, add her favourite colour to the piece. Drop earrings are usually more detailed. If you prefer something more colourful, there is a world of gemstones to explore. For a romantic piece, you can impress upon her the level of your love with earrings made from real red miniature rose petals set in 24-karat gold with each earring encrusted with beautiful synthetic diamonds.


A solitaire pendant on a chain is the simplest of diamond necklaces, yet stunningly beautiful. Today there are many diamond necklace designs that are on-trend for today’s stylish woman. These are perfect for the woman who has the diamond basics already in her jewellery box. Diamonds can be embellishments on pendants that feature her name or a meaningful word, perhaps a motif or for an especially romantic gift, a rose bloom resting on a heart-shaped pendant with an inlay of sparkling synthetic diamonds.


A diamond bracelet is the most visible gift you can give your loved one. This is jewellery she can see each day she wears it, reminding her of you. A simple bangle set with with one or more diamonds in silver, gold or platinum will look beautiful on its own, whilst also being a fabulous addition to other bracelets on her arm.

Tennis bracelets are a classic, containing many small diamonds linked together. They look elegant and sophisticated and are available in various precious metals to suit every budget. Your lady may prefer a black leather bracelet with diamond accents, a charm bracelet or an inscribed, inspirational bracelet with words that are meaningful to you both.

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A lady delights in feeling like she is the most special person in the world, so luxury jewellery is very special. If you’re not married or engaged be careful when considering a ring as it would be very awkward if she assumes its an engagement ring when you don’t have the intention to propose. If you are already engaged or married, the gift of a diamond ring that she can wear in addition to her bridal jewellery (on the same, or other hand) is a lovely idea. This ring can be a bit more trendy than her wedding ring.

Consider a ring accented by coloured gemstones, perhaps even her birthstones, to add some dash to her jewellery collection. A right-hand ring with a flower design or a simple, square-cut stone in a bezel setting will be something she’ll want to wear daily depending on her style.

Whatever piece of luxury jewellery you choose, it will be sure to make this Christmas season one to remember. While many Christmas gifts are swiftly forgotten, a piece of luxury jewellery is a love token that she will consider your most thoughtful and loving gesture to date.