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Ingenious Idea Christmas Gift Ideas For Teenage Girl

You may think that Christmas gift ideas for teenage girls will focus on make-up, hair straighteners or ‘something pretty in pink’. Unless she is specifically asked for any of those things, it might be wise to reconsider your Xmas gifts for her, to find something that suits this particular independent, creative, independent and curious young woman and that does not fall into being a stereotypical gift.
Christmas gift ideas

Trends and styles

Before buying your gift, check that its in the style your teen likes, be it fun, quirky or classic. A fun camera may look like a toy to someone who likes things to be more traditional, and in reverse a classic looking camera may look “boring” to a girl who likes bright colours and funky shapes.

Christmas gift ideas she will love

If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for a teenage girl close to Christmas, look at what she is particularly in love with right now. If you are stuck, nearly all teenagers love taking photographs, particularly selfies, so consider an instant camera. If she loves a particular writer, buy their new book or for the music lover their groups new album. Many teenager girls care about how they look, so treat them to some luxury skin care.

If you are not sure what she is “into”, ask her parents for help, as they may have Christmas gift ideas from a list she may have given to them. Otherwise, really listen when she talks as you will hear some clues as to what she wants. If you witness her attention being caught by a shop window display, return alone later and see what it was that grabbed her attention.

An experience gift

experience Christmas giftAnother of our Xmas gifts for her is offer her an experience that will provide memories long after the experience itself. You can pay for a class in something that will extend the skills she already has, which could be academic, or related to a hobby. A music or dance master-class, learn a new language or car mechanics.

Other experience gifts that you can join in with include a short trip to somewhere not too far from home that you know she will love. This could be a visit to a museum, art gallery or other exhibition space. It could involve a tour or a city or of a particular site like a film studio. Other Christmas gift ideas for teenage girls include challenges like a go-cart race or hiking a nature trail. A season pass to a local amusement park means she is always got somewhere fun to go in the summer. Whether together you got to a concert or fly to Paris, Rome or New York to see the sights and go shopping, you can have a great time together.

Subscription gifts

Subscription gifts nurture an interest that the teenage girl you are buying for may have. Niche magazine subscriptions for teenagers can work well and you do not have to stick with Teen Vogue or 17 Magazine if there is a specific topic that your girl is interested in. National Geographic, New Internationalist, Captain Marvel or Inside Gymnastics… there are hundreds of choices and it is a present that keeps on giving all year.


Every teen loves a selfie, so add to the fun with an instant camera, usually built to be fully automatic with a range of features including a front-facing selfie mirror, retractable 60mm lens, automatic exposure and brightness control, a large choice of shooting modes, with a camera lens wide enough to take a large number of people. Alternatively, consider a small projector to project a movie onto a wall or screen. Perfect for when friends get together.

If you want other ideas, you cannot go wrong with a portable phone charger so she has no excuse to ignore your texts. Alternative ideas include a portable speaker or bluetooth headphones

t-shirt Xmas giftClothes

Teens love clothes but it can be hard to choose for them. What will be happily accepted is an expressive, opinionated, girl-power T- shirt which is currently a strong trend. With phrases including This Princess Saves Herself or Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History or pictures of Virginia Woolf or Frida Kahlo, these T-shirts remind her she is unique and important.

A book about or by mighty girls

Introduce teenage girls to the books that will make them feel and think big. Write a dedication on the inside cover, add your favourite quote for the book or tell her why this book is important to me and why I think she’ll think so, too. Some of the great contemporary women authors include Malala Yousafzai, Margaret Atwood for science fiction, Ursula K. LeGuin for fantasy fiction, Dorothy Parker, Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison.