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Looking for Something Quirky This Year? – Unusual Xmas Gifts for Her

Christmas is a great time of the year for getting together with all the family, friends and loved ones. Not just to enjoy sitting down to Christmas dinner, but exchanging gifts as well. Do you struggle to come up with new ideas for your gifts, because your companions for Xmas deserve something more than the usual fare of chocolates, biscuits and shower gel sets? This year we’re going to help you come up with some new ideas, and wow the recipients with presents that are a tad unusual. Here we’ll be concentrating on the ladies in your life, and hopefully bring a smile to their faces, and impress them with your imagination. But what is it that makes unusual gifts so great?

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Looking for Xmas Gifts for Her? Unusual is a Great Direction to Take

And why is that we hear you asking? Because unusual gifts are truly memorable. They’re special and unique, because after all everyone is different, and no two people’s sense of humour is the same. And when you’re all sat round the Christmas tree opening presents, it’s not just your own unusual gifts you’ll remember, but everyone else’s too.

Unusual gifts also bring a sense of fun to the day, because let’s face it the Christmas festivities can get a bit boring. Yes it’s always fun to see Granny and Granddad asleep in the chair after Christmas dinner, still wearing their paper hat, but more laughter and humour is needed. After all pulling the Christmas crackers and waiting to see what’s inside is sometimes all the excitement that can be mustered.

When you’re a kid Christmas is full of excitement, so much so that you don’t know where to turn. But as you get older this sort of feeling seems to fade and die, and Christmas just becomes another day when you overdose on alcohol, mince pies and roast turkey dinner. Giving unusual Christmas gifts to various people will inject some fun and laughter into what can be a humdrum day.

And one last point worth making, Christmas is a day for letting your hair down, and hoping the people around you do too. If you can’t be weird and quirky round your family there’s not much hope for the family bond. Unusual Xmas gifts for her and other members of the festive party is going to make the day way more exciting. So without further ado, let’s get on with a few suggestions.

Top Xmas Gifts for Her That are Unusual

Our search for the most unusual and fun gifts for her has taken us far and wide. Here’s a few suggestions for gifts to give to the ladies in your life, including your mum, grandma, sister and wife.

A platinum dipped rose – for those who want to be differentgold rose

A gift box for her Royal Highness – a set of gifts that includes an inflatable crown, so she can be your queen for the day. Also includes a mug fit for a queen, and crown jewel gummy rings.

Adult colouring book – and of course some adult felt tip pens. Colouring seems to have taken the adult gift world by storm recently. And no wonder, because there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting down and colouring in an intricate design.

Faux fur slippers – not just to keep her feet warm, but to make everyone around her smile.

Make your own knickers set – polka dots and all. Includes needle and cotton, ribbon, polka dot fabric and of course knicker elastic and instructions.

Planetarium – projects the night sky on to the ceiling. So you can both lie in bed and enjoy the night sky, without cutting a hole in the roof.

Unusual salad servers – shaped like a garden fork and spade, perfect for the avid gardener to have on her dinner table.

Humorous glasses case – how many times have you heard her shout “have you seen my glasses?”. This practical yet comical case will keep them safe and on the outside is the catchphrase that we’ve already mentioned.

Bush grub – does she squirm when those celebrities out in the jungle have to taste the wildlife? This box of snackable insects contains salt and vinegar flavoured crickets.

Chocolate pills – for those days when she’s feeling down and just needs a chocolate fix or two.

Enough of the gift ideas, let’s share some amusing Christmas facts to make you giggle.

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Interesting Facts to Share Over the Xmas Dinner Table

  • Believe it or not, in Japan, KFC is the traditional Christmas dinner. It has become so popular that you have to place your order 2 months in advance. Due in no small part to the successful marketing campaign ran 40 years ago.
  • Thinking of being greener this year, with regards your choice of tree. Think about this for a moment before you rush out to buy your artificial tree……………in order to be ‘greener’ than a real tree, a pretend tree will have to be used for more than 20 years.
  • In World War I, during the Christmas period of 1914, the two opposing sides, Germany and the UK, laid down their arms, decorated their shelters, exchanged gifts and played a game of football. No doubt Boxing Day was celebrated by getting back to the real business of the war.
  • A Boston industrialist in 1867, was so moved by a story he’d just read, Charles Dickens Christmas Carol, that he shut his factory for the day and gave everyone a Christmas turkey.
  • Donald duck cartoons have become very popular in Sweden as a way to spend Christmas Eve. As many as 50% of the population watch them.
  • If you’ve got a grudge with someone and you live in a village in Peru, the discord is worked out by with a fist fight on Christmas Day. Followed by drinking, so that the New Year can begin with a new slate.

The ladies in your life come in all shapes and sizes, and each has their own personality. Don’t choose generic gifts for your loved ones, look for something unusual and special.