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A Chance to Make Her Day with the Best Christmas Gifts for Her

Don’t be tempted to rush out wallet in hand, or click the “buy” button and fill your cart, until you’ve done all the necessary research. Things will be much easier if you ask yourself a few pertinent questions, and make sure you’ve got the right answers. Only then are you more likely to be giving your beloved the best Christmas gifts for her.

How to Uncover the Best Xmas Gifts for Your Lady


A good place to start is by thinking about the kind of gift she’d like to receive. Want a bit of a hint here, if you’re not sure how to find out? Listening is the only skill that is required. In the run up to Christmas, we can almost guarantee that hints are going to be dropping, left right and centre. So don’t let these hints fall on deaf ears, because you’ll be missing a golden opportunity. And what’s that exactly? To find out the best Xmas gifts for her of course.

Another option, if you’re not going to be embarrassed, is to ask her family and friends. They’ll have a fair idea of the things she wants, needs or just desires, because everybody loves to discuss Christmas presents, especially if somebody’s husband has made a bit of a faux pas in previous years. Don’t be worrying that they’ll think you know nothing about your beloved wife. On the contrary, they’ll be impressed at how humble and loving you’ve been.

So take on board everybody’s suggestions, including ours, friends and family and those oh so subtle hints from the lady in question. You can bet your bottom dollar that she’s going to be making every effort possible to find the best gift for you. So this Christmas make sure you return the favour.

6 of the Best Xmas Gifts for Her

Flowers are a very popular gift for the ladies, but we feel that a bouquet of flowers is much more appropriate for catching her out on any otherwise ordinary day of the week. Buy her a bunch on the way home from work one day, and she’ll be happily surprised, or perhaps we should also mention slightly suspicious. When it comes to flowers at Christmas we’d suggest you go down the plant route. Something she can nurture in the home, or a festive plant that she can plant in the garden. Red roses are the ultimate romantic gift for your wife, but we’ve got a suggestion that takes it one step further. Cut flowers are not timeless in their beauty, unfortunately they very quickly fade. One way round this is with a gift from Eternity Rose. They have perfected a technique that coats a natural rose bloom in a precious metal – gold, silver or platinum. Thereby preserving its beauty for all time. To make this gift even more memorable you can add your own message, that will be engraved on the stem.

Ladies have loved wearing jewellery for centuries, and nothing’s changed in today’s modern world. There are obviously a few exceptions to this rule, but hopefully your lady isn’t one of them. If your lady loves wearing jewellery, then this will be another one of the best xmas gifts for her. But before you step out to buy the perfect gift, yes you’re going to need to do some research yet again. Take notice of what she likes wearing, look back at some old photos, and if possible, take a look in her collection, without her knowing of course. Otherwise the cat will be out of the bag. Does she for example, prefer long dangling earrings, or simple studs? Are her necklaces chunky or more delicate?

White matched rose and jewelry set

A modern lady isn’t whole without the latest gadgets in her handbag. The newest iPhone, MP3 player, laptop or digital camera. They might have enough fire power to run an empire, but she says thats what she needs to keep hers and your life in order.

Ladies love to take care of their appearance, which means there’s always a need for some beauty products and tools of the trade. And we don’t mean trowels, hammers or screwdrivers. Curling tongs, straighteners, eye lash curlers – get the idea? If you don’t think she’d be offended and take your gift the wrong way, get her booked into a renowned beauty salon for a complete makeover. Makeup is possibly not a good option, because women can be very particular, and sometimes downright peculiar about certain brands. And let’s face it do you really know her skin tone or which shade of green she’d prefer for her eyes?

There are far too many homeware ideas for us to list them all or even a few. Let’s just say you’ll have no problem finding something as long as you keep her taste in mind.

Has she joined the revolutionary ebook brigade or does she still love a book with a cover? See if you can find the latest bestseller from her favourite author, or maybe a cookery book, or a sample of recipes from The Great British Bakeoff, she’ll going to be well pleased.

This one is only recommended if you really can’t decide on how to spend your money. You will however, stand the risk of her thinking you can’t be bothered, or you really don’t know her at all. While it might a good gift for a friend at work, niece or even your baby sister, it’s not going to go down well with your wife.

best gift for her

Time for the summing up bit of the page. Research, research, research, it’s all in the research. Don’t go blindly on without finding out as much as you can about the best xmas gifts for all those special ladies in your life. But most important of all your lovely wife. She’ll appreciate all the effort you put into finding the perfect gift, and you never know she might find a “special” way to say thank you.