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Tips on Finding the Most Perfect Christmas Gifts for Her

Are the shops already decking their halls with bells and holly? Can you hear Christmas tunes playing wherever you go? Well that probably means that Christmas is just round the corner, or you’ve at least got a couple of months to prepare.

If you’re wondering what kind of Christmas gifts for her you should buy, whether it’s your wife, girlfriend, friend, sister, aunt or mum, we hope that we’ll be able to help with a few hints, tips and advice. The best gifts for any ladies in your life, are ones that will surprise and delight her in equal measure.

So Let’s Start with some Tips on Finding the Most Perfect Gift Ever – for Anyone on Your Gift List, but Especially for Her

Christmas is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable time of the year, but there’s one thing that often gets in the way…… shopping. And no matter how many times your beloved, friends and family say that giving a gift isn’t a requirement, they’re likely not being honest with themselves or you. Of course you have the option of asking them directly what they want. But where’s the fun and surprise in that. So where to start with ultimate gift giving challenge you’ve set yourself?

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Make a list of people you’re looking to buy gifts for

And what defines them as a person, their personality, interests and hobbies. Spend some time thinking about each person in turn, and you can then brainstorm ideas for the perfect gift that matches each one. Don’t worry if your list seems rather long. The more ideas you’ve got, the more likely you are to come up with the perfect gift to top all others. You’re bound to come up with some ideas you’ve never thought of, and by combining a few of your ideas you’re going to hit on a winner.

xmas gifts for her

Think About their Past

Think back over the things that have happened in the person’s life, and see of there’s gifts for her this Christmas you can buy because they have a special meaning. For example they may have recently bid farewell to a favourite four legged friend. In which case a pet portrait might be just what would mean something. They may have just graduated from college, and set up home on their own. So an item that would be useful in their new residence would be more appropriate.

Think About What they Need

What do you need to think about that for? Because everybody needs something, right? The idea is to get you thinking outside of the narrow vision you have of that particular person. Your wife, for example, may be a busy housewife, mother and career girl, and all that she really wants is a little more time. Well obviously that isn’t an option, unless you’re prepared to take on all her responsibilities and give her some time away. What you should be looking at is maybe something that will allow her to organise her time more efficiently, and keep track of all her commitments.

Do a Little Digging

And we don’t mean dig a big hole and bury your head in it! There are lots of ways you can find out more about a person than simply asking direct questions. If you’re friends with them on Facebook, look back through their timeline and see if you can find some hints there. Instagram and Twitter are also great indicators of the kind of things that are close to a person’s heart. By looking for these clues, you’ll come up with xmas gifts for her, and all your other gift recipients, that they’ll likely have forgotten about. What a great surprise that would be?

Consider a Personalised Gift

personalised giftAnd by these we mean something that you’ve made or created yourself. Not a gift that you’ve bought online that has an engraving! Knit them a scarf, bake a cake, or make them a Xmas card with your own fair hand. Combine a homemade gift with any other offerings and your gifts will be really personal.

For the Women Who Have Everything Already

We don’t believe there is such a woman, but for the sake of argument let’s say there is such a rare breed. Think about all the people in the world who don’t have everything, and those that have very little in fact. Is there a cause that this particular lady is passionate about? Then simply make a donation to that cause. If she’s passionate about animals donate to a worthy animal charity. Does she care about the welfare of women and children? Find a cause that is relevant to her, and she’ll be touched by such an emotional gift you’ve given on her behalf.

Be Creative With Your Gift Giving

Who out there doesn’t enjoy the unwrapping of gifts on Christmas morning? For some kids there’s more fun to be gained from the unwrapping and discarded packaging than the gift itself. While we’re not suggesting here that your loving wife is going to want to sit in the box her gift came in and play at driving cars – we’re referring to the need to make your gift wrapping a bit more interesting. Simply wrapping your gift in the first bit of wrapping paper that is near and handy isn’t really very adventurous. Instead why not make the giving of your gifts into a bit of a game? Hide your gift and get your wife to go on a treasure hunt, with clues dotted all over the house. Or tie a bit of string to the gift and then hide it. Put one end under her pillow and on Christmas morning she’ll need to follow the trail to receive the ultimate prize.

Hopefully we’ve given you enough pointers, that you’re confident to get things under way. Your quest for the ultimate xmas gifts for her is about to get underway. Don’t worry if you’re still a little confused, or nervous about taking the plunge. We plan to give you lots more helpful hints and tips to help you find xmas gifts for her that will make this coming Christmas the best ever. One last point we think is worth mentioning is how to find the best deals. Yes you might be looking to buy her a string of pearls or a diamond ring, but it’s always a good idea to be a frugal as possible. A little bit of money saved on gifts here and there, and you’ll be left with a bit of cash to buy something else.

Tricks and Tips on Finding the Best Xmas Gift Deals

Are you thinking about doing your Xmas shopping online this year? You might be interested to know that you’ll be joining an increasing number of people who are using the internet to buy their Christmas fare and presents. An article by the BBC ( states that in 2013, a record number of online purchases for Xmas were done online. People’s increased use of smartphones and tablets means that the figures will continue to rise. There are so many options online that it can be difficult to find the bargains. Not that we mean you’re a cheap skate. On the contrary, but what is the point of spending more money than you have to? So how can you save money and shop wisely online?

  • Use comparison and general gift websites – don’t go looking for bargains, let them come to you. Rather than visiting countless brand specific websites take a look at some of the comparison and general gift websites, something like ours. You’ll be given lots of options regarding price, and many will have their own special deals.
  • Get Your Cashback – if you’re not being offered cashback then you’re not shopping online properly. Shop using the various cashback deals on offer, and you could be saving a few pennies or more than a few quid.
  • Try it before you buy it – how on earth can I do that you might be wondering? It’s a little bit cheeky, but get down to the store and try out some of the gifts you’re thinking of buying, and then find somewhere you can use wifi and make the order online. Saving yourself some money in the bargain.
  • Postage free should be included in your equation – Ebay in particular has lots of online retailers that will send your order without any delivery charge. Figure the price of postage into the cost when you’re looking for the bargain buy.

Time is ticking and the countdown is on. Before you know it Christmas will be knocking on your door and you won’t be prepared. It’s never too early to start Christmas shopping, and the stores don’t think so either. Don’t leave yourself with little time, and cut your options down to buying the most general of gifts. Buy the best gift possible, and you won’t be wasting your money, or your valuable time. Don’t get stressed over Xmas this year. Sit back and take the time to read our advice, and your Xmas will be a resounding success.

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