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Fabulous Flowers – Send A Whole Bunch Of Happiness

xmas flowersFlorists generally offer a range of Christmas flowers for the season’s festivities. From traditional red and white bouquets to contemporary designs with rose-gold accents, there will be something in every florist’s collection to suit all tastes both traditional and modern. Some of the favourite Christmas flowers are roses, carnations, anemones, orchids, cyclamens, azaleas and lilies. Included in the bouquets and arrangements are holly, spruce and berries for a seasonal touch, with some florists adding glittered pine-cones and baubles in show-stopper pieces.

Xmas flowers make an unexpected yet welcome gift at Christmas, particularly if you are sending flowers overseas, when they are one of the best Xmas gift ideas. You can send pot plants such as the red poinsettia, or perhaps white chrysanthemums, amaryllis and pink hyacinths for potted flowers that last longer than cut flowers in a bouquet which usually only last the week.

Xmas flowers

Flowers are typical Christmas gifts for women. Xmas gifts for her include expertly arranged plants in Christmas-themed planters, baskets or bowls, each decorated with fresh, green moss, bark and festive ribbons. You cannot go wrong with the red leaves of a poinsettia, a classic plant that you will find on sale everywhere. This can be presented in a traditional festive wrap or look for an unusual arrangement for additional character, choosing a drum-shaped container, a red metal trug or a basket that can be reused.

If you wants something less traditional than an amaryllis plant or poinsettia, consider a cactus, hibiscus or ivy.

Hand-crafted flowers

A home-made Christmas present is one where the effort is appreciated. If you are artistic, or if you can follow online tutorials, you can make your own flowers from paper, either using the Japanese art of paper folding, which is origami, or using scissors and paper to create a rose made from parcel paper that you can then paint any colour and adorn with the crystals of your choice.

Xmas flowers: mistletoe

Mistletoe is a traditional Christmas flower, used as a decoration, under which lovers kiss. Mistletoe is a poisonous, parasitic plant that has a mention in Norse mythology where Loki tricks the blind god Hodur into murdering Balder using an arrow made of Mistletoe. Some versions of the story say that to compensate for its part in a murder, mistletoe became a symbol of peace and friendship.

Mistletoe became part of the global Christmas celebration in the eighteen century. The custom of kissing under the mistletoe was allegedly popular among servants in late eighteenth century England with the staff “below stars” in Victorian England credited with continuing the tradition. Tradition says a man can kiss any woman standing underneath the mistletoe, and a woman who refuses will experience bad luck.

xmas tree gift

Other floral Xmas gift ideas

Xmas flowers do not always have to be living plants, particularly for women allergic to pollen or who live small children and boisterous pets. Keeping to the theme of flowers when thinking about Xmas gifts for her, consider a floral scarf that can instantly lift an outfit. The design might be flouncing florals or bold line patterns which are this seasons look. Choose floral prints or a scarf embroidered with the prettiest flowers. A silk scarf will be lightweight and floaty and can be worn at any time of the year. An oversize scarf can be turned into a wrap.

There are a vast array of botanical floral prints, and if there is no room for a framed poster, consider a pretty watch with a floral-print dial, a gold-tone metal case and a leather-look strap.

Xmas flowers: jewellery

A floral gift that lasts a lifetime is a piece of jewellery that never goes out of fashion whilst marking this particular Christmas holiday, whether it is the first since your wedding or the birth of your first child or another significant occasion. Quality jewellery will remain timeless and never tarnish. It can even become a family heirloom to be passed on through the generations, making it a great choice to celebrate your enduring love.

Whilst single pieces can be bought, consider a complete matching set of jewellery that includes a glazed miniature rose petal necklace and matching earrings. This is a clever alternative to the traditionally romantic single red rose, since each hand picked flower is unique and this uniqueness is preserved forever in a mirror glaze of rose petals together with clusters of cubic zurconium diamonds. Choose classic red, a beautiful pink, a spirited purple or another colour that you know she loves and show her that you celebrate her uniqueness too.

Ensure the packaging of your gift is stylish and luxurious. Necklaces and earrings may come complete with their own case or carrier that you can present with a short card sending your love.