Monday , 15 July 2024

Christmas Decorations – Wreaths, Garlands & Tree Décor

Decorating a home at Christmas is a significant part of the festive celebrations. There are a large number of choices when looking at Christmas trees, as well as Christmas decorations to make the tree and home unique. Here are some you can gift to family and friends:

xmas decoration

Christmas decorations: wreaths

Festive wreaths are a great gift idea for new couples or families who can start a new tradition. Wreaths can also be reminders of childhood with the smell of fresh spruce, fragrant cinnamon sticks together with pine-cones and berries and make a great house-warming gift for someone who’s recently moved into their new home. Wreathes are hung on the front door of the house as a welcome to guests. Contemporary designs feature exotic flowers and foliage including lilies, gold eucalyptus and frosted and silver glittered pine-cones. For an added touch, include fairy lights in the design.

An unusual and highly effective door wreath is one made entirely from white gypsophila on a silver frame with an organza ribbon.

Christmas decorations: garlands

Christmas garlands add a festive touch to a home and can be draped across a mantelpiece, added as a trim to a windowsill or wrapped around a bannister. If you know someone who gets excited about Christmas before Halloween, your Xmas gifts of floral garlands will be appreciated. Garlands can be traditional with ivy, holly and winter berries, or for a modern look they can spell out seasonal messages in a range of materials from cloth to paper to metal and anything in between. Consider the décor of your recipients home and consider their personalities when you spell out your seasonal message. Garlands can also incorporate fairy lights or other soft lighting to enhance the style you have chosen.

Christmas decorations: Trees

No home is fully ready for Christmas without a Christmas tree. Order a Nordmann Fir Christmas tree for direct delivery as a gift to someone you know is struggling to get all preparations ready in time. Perhaps they would prefer an artificial tree so they do not have to worry about treading on needles falling to the floor over time. Artificial trees have been designed to add a rich warmth and some come complete with sparkling lights. A traditional tall artificial Christmas trees can look realistic or choose from a range of unusual colours including pure white, fluorescent pink or silver. If their living space is tight, you may want to consider a small tree that fits perfectly on a table or mantelpiece.

Artificial trees not only come in different colours, many have Christmas decorations incorporated into their design. Whether a four-foot or eight-foot tree, the branches can appear to be flecked with snow and have pine cones attached. Some include baubles or lights.

Christmas decorations for the tree

Another tradition you can begin is to gift a Christmas decoration for the tree each year. There are many designers who release a Christmas decoration each year who have many collectors who remain loyal for years. You may choose to gift a bauble each year that doesn’t follow a theme but feels appropriate for that particular year. This can tell a story of your friendship or relationship and the thought put into this gift will warm their heart.
It is also possible to buy a wide range of Christmas tree decorations that you can personalise.

Christmas decorations for her

You can decorate your home to look beautiful. Consider jewellery as a decoration for the woman that you want to buy a gift for. If you’re buying for a woman that you love, a rose will convey how much she means to you. There are roses that have been preserved to such a high standard that they will never corrode and will last hundreds of years. These are real roses that have been dipped in gold, silver, platinum or are natural glazed roses grown to perfection.

These roses are quite sturdy, being given structural integrity through electroplating before several thin layers of precious metal are added over a period of several weeks to produce a highly lustrous mirror finish. If you can still see the stems bumps and the detail of all the leaf veins in the final flower, then you will know you have a real rose, since leaf veins are as unique to each rose as fingerprints are to each person. These roses dipped in precious metal look fantastic in a bespoke vase.

If you prefer, a glazed rose, partially electroplated on the petal edges and with the stem trimmed in fine 24 karat gold adds a little contrast to an eternal rose. These roses make a stunning addition to a display cabinet or mantelpiece and additional roses can be added to mark other significant dates in the future.